Intuit Neighborhood

Intuit Neighborhood was created to bridge the gap between online reviews and word of mouth. The idea was generated from a week-long design sprint, and rooted in research insights from interviewing service providers and their customers.

Based on methodologies developed by Google Ventures, I led the design sprint by immersing our team in our research findings. We then narrowed our focus, brainstormed ideas as a group, designed the interactions, and tested the designs with actual users on the last day. The process was fast and we were able  to validate the designs with positive results and future improvements. This project was later renamed Sidewalk and is currently in limited beta.

Created while working at Intuit Innovation & Technology Group in 2014. Aside from  leading and facilitating the design sprint, I created all user flow and interaction details for our design prototype. 

The research presented at the start of the sprint was led by a user researcher whom I collaborated with during the interview, analysis, and synthesis process.