Mobile Investor app

As the first mobile offering of Lending Club, Lending Club Invest aimed to make it convenient for individual investors to monitor their portfolio and to encourage re-investment.

For this project, I led the initial audit of our existing web-based functionalities and reorganized them into a mobile app form factor. Working with two other designers who were new to mobile applications, I guided the pace and quality of our output through multiple rounds of user testing, mobile best practices and facilitating regular brainstorms and design reviews.

Cross-functional partners were brought into these brainstorms and reviews to co-create branded elements that included clear typographic hierarchy, data visualization, imagery, and motion design. We also worked with our brand agency to execute the final set of branded icons and illustrations.

Using these outputs, I created a framework, art directed and produced content for our mobile pattern library. Though we launched initially on iOS only, scaling to Android was taken into considerations early in the design process.

Lending Club Invest was created between 2016 and 2017.